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Bunny The Rabbit!

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BUNNY the Rabbit! ZOOM Class

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Rabbit ZOOM Class
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NOTE: We moved the class date forward one week (due to weather delaying the box kits) - class will be same time, just moved to MARCH 9th.

*You can still be in the Live class, the kit has sold out, the main panel surface is available through (All kits have been shipped; check your customer account for tracking info.)

BTV Zoom Class: BUNNY, the Rabbit!

Create a unique, sweeter-than-sugar, design on a 2-Layer Dimensional Panel! A wee bunny rabbit, tucked inside a warm and cozy sampler quilt that is shaped like a big carrot! The added dimension of a back panel (which is painted in the colors of a carrot!), include 1/4" spacers between them. The carrot backdrop has an interesting texture technique that will be covered in this class! We will also cover floating color, tinting galore, some line-work, stenciling, scrubbing (dry-brushing) and a bit of floral fun tucked in here and there, just for good measure!

~ 4-hour Class is Tuesday, March 2nd 9th, 2021 from 11-3 PST (Pacific Standard Time) ~ NOTE: We moved the class date forward one week (due to weather delaying the box kits) - class will be same time, just moved to MARCH 9th.

1.) Rabbit ZOOM Class with Surface KIT: This is the 4-hour LIVE class, the hard copy of the packet, and the surface kit. (Which includes the etched MDF surface, a pin size of the main etched bunny and it will have any embellishments and stencils, etc. things that you need to complete the project.) SHIPPING is included in the Surface Kit cost.

2.) Rabbit ZOOM Class Only*: This is for the 4-hour LIVE class, which will be recorded and then will be available for you to watch - in increments of chapters. A PDF download of the packet will be available for you to download. (Paint on the surface of your choice!) (We will reimburse shipping charges that show when you purchase the Class Only option.)

* Purchase the class here and you can go to and order the wood surface. Of course if you would rather paint it on a surface of your choice, that is completely fine and encouraged too! We love to see YOUR creativity, in whatever shape or form it entails. ;) You can enlarge or reduce the pattern, to suit yourself/your surface. You would just need to purchase the Zoom Class, and the PDF file pattern packet will be sent to you.

- Alessio Meggiato has been helping me with a few things, so I have given him permission to cut and sell this to anyone on that side of the pond! you, Alessio!

- We are hoping to secure a company in Canada that can cut the shapes; so we will post it here, as soon as that becomes available!

- International Students: You can join us in our Zoom Classroom ~ we love to have international guests join in!

A link to download the pattern packet (special for the Zoom class - 18 page!) will be sent upon your sign up. This packet will only be available via a PDF file (not printed out now - or in the future). We will start shipping the kits out the week of February 15th! As usual, all items ordered with this bunny surface/kit will ship all at save shipping costs for you. Extras of the surfaces are available, if you have purchased the class! We will have a private link (sent to you via email) which is where you can order extras of anything.

We hope you can hop on in and paint with us in March!


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