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(approximate sized) ROSE Embellishments

(approximate sized) ROSE Embellishments

Spring Extras

SPRING Extras @ Gnome CLUB

Part Number: CLUBSX-2021
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Weight: 0 lb, 4 oz
Etched SPRING Extras
Etched Spring Extras for the Gnome Club!

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GNOME Club ....Spring ZOOM Dates...
April 11th Back Panel/Fence
April 18th Gnancy Gnome

Gnomes @ Home Club Spring Design Extras

You have my permission to sell the painted gnomes online or at craft shows - no one else will have these - if you would please put my name as the designer when you sell anything of mine online, thank you!
Again, we have this available via this private link on our website, which we will email to you when it is ready; and post it in our private FB Gnome Club Page. That way no one outside of the club can purchase them and yet, if you wanted to paint more than one, you have the opportunity.
Please note we will have special surface pages - where you can choose the etched pins, ornaments, sitters, main gnome panel.

Doug @ Pinecraft will have the basic wood Gnome Panels for sale (3 pieces: Top, Middle, Bottom panels with spacers) to OUR MEMBERSHIP ONLY.
(Item #
1220027 @ Pinecraft) He has a great price on them @ about $14.00.
www.pinecraftinc.comwill be the supplier of all of these surfaces when it goes public next year, in January 2022.

Alessio will be the supplier of all of the club surfaces to our members in Europe, he has agreed to sell and ship them out for us while the club is private. When it goes to retail he, as well as Erika Corazza, will have permission to cut, sell and ship them.

To Gnome us is to love us! 😉

xo, Jamie (mama Gnome) & Don (papa Gnome)
& all the little Gnomies here at the Vine!

Gnomes just wanna have fun!

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