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Angels @ Home CLUB (US-MAILED)

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 ~ ~ ANGELS @ Home Club ~ ~  
   Inspired Hearts Collection

~ {}~{}~{}  ~

{} Our Club will have quite a number of recorded videos for you (we created 51 for the Gnome Club), plus...we are giving our Angel Club Members an additional year of access to the videos, as we understand the challenges in life that inevitably occur, and that we may not be able to finish things at the time. So, whenever you feel the need for inspiration to finish them, you can pull up the Showcase and review it. That's nearly 2 years of access!  exclusivity would end: 12/1/2023

Membership: $250.00USD (US Mail-Out)
(Premiere Membership: $220 for the initial sign-up period: Dec. 1st - 8th; after that the price will be $250.)
INTERNATIONAL/Digital Membership (click here) : $140.00USD (Digital Members)

To improve your painting skills, tap into your creativity, and hopefully inspire you! We will cover a variety of techniques, including hair colors/styles with each angel (and character!). Fun and informative methods of painting, adding embellishments and décor, with just a touch of detail. {wink} Inspiration will be woven throughout the year of the Club ~ and we will connect with each other on a private Facebook Page (Angels @ Home Club). The main Angels will be seasonally inspired, and all will convey inspirational messages.
NEW: We are going to etch the backside of the main angels!! So, we will paint the front and the back of the main angel (with the concentration on getting the front done, as a lot of it will repeat on the backside).

This will be implemented similarly to the Gnomes @ Home Club – which worked out nicely, so we will follow a similar guideline. 4 Seasonal Angel Kits (n' Critters) w/recorded ZOOM classes: January, April, July, October, plus an (optional) extra Angel ZOOM Session or two (explained later).We will be working a season ahead, so that you may have your Angel ready to display during the upcoming season.
  • Recordings/Videos/ZOOM: The Zoom sessions will be recorded - we are going to (tentatively) schedule these on Sundays (dates TBA), starting time @ 9am Pacific – recording for 6 hours. I will stay on extra time, as needed to answer questions, reinforce techniques, or visit! Your ZOOM link will be sent out the Friday before the class, with a reminder sent the night prior. ZOOM Class Dates/Times will be in PST (Pacific Standard Time). Dates of Zoom Classes TBA.
  • The ePacket: This extra-large ePacket will include lots of worksheets, enlargements, bonus line drawings, instructions, prep guide sheets, etc.
  • Member’s Only Files: A private page on the Between the Vines website, where you can access any/all files, links, and extras (as per the Gnome Club standard) throughout the year.
  • Surface: The Angel Collection will be featured as Tea Light Standers ~ they will have a base wide enough to accommodate the angel, a (provided) tea light -PLUS- a small standing character that is a pop-out element of the angel design! That is the basic plan, as we weave our way through the year we will tweak the club here and there, as is sometimes necessary…it will all be good, no worries. 😉 The angels and main base will be cut/etched out of our 1/4” MDF; (it has no formaldehyde added) and will be a smooth surface for our angel’s faces; and any extra angels can be ordered from us
  • Etched EXTRAS: We will pop-out certain elements - similar as we started doing with the Gnome Club, so you will have the opportunity to purchase these extras and pop-outs from each angel design. Each standing angel will have a little character with her (you know I love my little folk!). These little characters will be perched on small heart-shaped bases that you can place next to your angel, or near her. (We think these mini standers would be adorable as gifts for the littles in your family!) 
  • We will also turn these little characters into ornaments, pins, mini-standers (see images), and we are adding something new this year… a Message Card (see image); these will have special little messages based on the angel and you can paint them up to give to someone who you think needs it. We will have these extra's, pop-outs, etc. up on the site as soon as they are ready.
  • ALL ANGELS* will have dimensional adornments (like separate wings, message banners, etc). Those will be included in your kit. We will include any stencils, embellishments, and the little bits/bobs for these sweeties as we navigate through the year.  We have decided to etch the face on, so, no face stencil will be needed!
    - You will need to collect your palette of colors, suggested brushes and regular painting supplies.
    All 4 seasons are painted on a similar shape, so the continuity will carry through each season. They will be designed in a similar fashion, and I anticipate adding many Angels to this collection through the years.
    SPRING: The first Angel's name is Gwen...I am dedicating her to a sweet painting friend who passed away in November. It was a running joke between us for her to change up the
    PINKS in my palette to her favorite color PURPLE.  I am thankful for friendships...for hers and for the many friends I have made during my lifetime... xo

Hearts Angel:  GWEN    
January 30th @
9am - 2 (or 3)pm
{} SUMMER....    Our HOPEFUL Hearts Angel: CHERYL   April ZOOM Dates (TBA)
{}FALL.............    Our GRATEFUL Hearts Angel:                  July ZOOM Dates (TBA)
{} WINTER......    Our JOYFUL Hearts Angel:                       October ZOOM Dates (TBA)
{} ARTFUL Hearts... ~Extra Class: Artful Hearts...This angel will be dedicated to my BFF Kim Hogue - we are connected by he{art} strings!    ZOOM Dates (TBA)
{  }  ~ Second Extra Class: Helpful Hearts or Cheerful Hearts... ZOOM Dates (TBA)

{}{}{} KITS...
{♥}The Kit's Surfaces: Your kit will include the Angels (both big and little cat character) and if they have dimensional adornments (like separate wings, banners) it will be included in your box; along with a (battery operated) tea light, the message card, the pin and ornament of the character pop-outs, plus a little something special! We will include stencils, embellishments and the little bits/bobs for these darlings as we navigate through the year.

{♥}The Kit's Packet: A vellum line drawing of the design, a full color pic of the design, and the instructions will be included for your convenience. NOTE: The main angel kits will ship out separately from any “extras” or add-ons (we don’t want any delays that can crop up when we are out, or low on stock on what you order). The shipping of the main panel is included in the cost; it will include a basic packet containing the main angel’s (front side) line drawing out of vellum, a set of instructions and a full color page.

{♥} Optional ~ BONUS Angel Classes...
As time permits this year, I want to do an extra angel (or two!); these will be optional. So that means, just FYI, the ePacket, Zoom class and recording will be free - you will just need to order the surface if you want to paint along (or you can paint it on the surface of your choice, I think the main angels would be sweet hanging on the wall, attach ribbon threaded through the wings…fun!). Month and dates TBA - the ePacket, Zoom class/ recording of any / extra Angels in 2022 will be free - you will just need to order the surface if you want to paint along.
Here are a few additional Angels that I would love to add to the collection..............
ARTFUL Hearts: An artfully inspired Angel…I visualize this with dimensional "jewels" adorning and perhaps encrusted on her dress and wings! (!!!)
CHEERFUL Hearts: A Christmas inspired Angel… (Maybe as a tree topper! We will be working on the implementation of this during the year…fun idea, hmmm?)
HELPFUL Hearts: A nurse inspired Angel…definitely need this one about now...

Be among the first to sign up during our launch week (December 1st - December 8th) and we will include the pin and ornament shapes of the main angels in your box. Plus, if you were a (US) Gnome Club Member from 2021, and you join The Angel Club, you would be given a special code to receive -10% off your order of any extras/surfaces, for the year 2022!**
** If you were a member of the
Gnome Club and purchase the Angel Club, you can take 10% off all Angel Club's surfaces or website orders for books, packets, brushes - using the coupon code: 2CLUBS10

If the club is purchased after the Premiere launch, and/or after the club has started, you will be mailed all the club surfaces and embellishments ~ to get you up to date ~ and you will have access to private FB group, video recordings, special files, etc.

The enrollment in the club is non-refundable, nor transferable. All sales final. No other sales or promotions can be combined/used with this offering. Gift certificates can be applicable. Materials may be used (solely) by the enrolled student. No sharing or teaching of these designs or videos (no outside sharing with groups or chapters). When we put this forward for retail, after the Club ends, then permission will be granted to teach.No Facebook Watch parties are allowed, nor sharing this with others that are not in our Club; so that we retain exclusivity. Thank you!

SHIPPING*: Shipment of the Club is for US members that have paid for mail-out.
*Outside the US will be considered INTL (International); we have secured a supplier of the Club pieces for Europe @ Alessio Meggiato of  For Canadian customers, we will try to locate a company that may be able to cut and ship the pieces; we will post if we do.
The first shipment will be mailed out, most likely, after Christmas (due to the heavy influx of packages being mailed before the holiday, we don’t want them getting lost in transit!); it is our hope that they arrive at least a month before the class. Just FYI, we have a super busy first half of this year, so put your patient pants on,
😉 we may need the flexibility to adjust the Zoom dates as needed.

♥ Mr. Don asks that you double, triple check your SHIPPING ADDRESS so that he does not have to chase down errant Angels…😊  Just FYI, if you have an alternate Gmail email address to use for the Club mailings, it might make it easier on us, as we have had issues with certain email addresses being kicked back to us (if you have any questions about it, just ask, I have several! Lol  :}
As always, we welcome any thoughts, ideas, suggestions…any little thing that might help make it a more pleasant experience…please write us at:  ~ thank you!  We are so, looking forward to connecting with everyone next year, whether in person or via my ZOOM.
xo, Jamie & Don

FACEBOOK NOTE: We will try to add our members to the group, however, for some reason - if you haven't received the invitation within a week of joining - can you please email us and tell us what name you are listed under (the name if you want to join) - if not, no worries, it is not mandatory or anything! Check back here now and then for updates!

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