Pattern Packets... ~ A collection of Jamie's designs are featured hereas individualPattern Packets!Note that there may be more than 1 page of products, look for the button at the bottom of the page, indicating a second or third page!
*Packets include instructions, line drawing, color images. (Note that prices shown may fluctuate due to increased production costs.)Select designs willalso beavailable as downloadable ePackets.
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Wintertime Designs...
This subcategory contains 16 products and 0 subcategories.
Santas and Snowmen and Penquins...oh my....Designs for our favorite time of the year!
Fall & Halloween...
This subcategory contains 51 products and 0 subcategories.
Designs from Fall into Halloween...The "Falliday" Season!
This subcategory contains 15 products and 0 subcategories.
Designs especially for Summer!
This subcategory contains 22 products and 0 subcategories.
Designs especially for Spring!
Seasonal Designs...
This subcategory contains 41 products and 0 subcategories.
A variety of whimsical seasonaldesigns!
This subcategory contains 5 products and 0 subcategories.
A variety ofwhimsical ornament designs from Jamie (these are non-club designs).
ARTSY Designs...
This subcategory contains 6 products and 0 subcategories.
Artsy designs for painting fun!
~ The Four Seasons ~
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Paint the four seasons!One surface, 4 seasonal panel inserts.