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Seminars w/Jamie - LIVE/ZOOM

LIVE & ZOOM Seminars / Conventions ||| Schedule
NOTICE: I am going to be "grounding myself" (not flying out) as of May 1st, 2022.
As most of you know, Mr. Don has retired and has multiple medical issues, so to ease my schedule, I am going to discontinue flying out to locations, until further notice. ~ We "may" still drive to a few locations for me to teach, and I plan to continue to do ZOOM seminars. :) Happy painting...xo, Jamie |||
@ ZOOM: January 18th - Decorative Painter's Academy: Bear Hugs! Thank you all!
@ ZOOM: March 25th ~ Out of the Wood, Italy / US: The Garden Gnome CO
ZOOM: April 2nd ~ Between the Vines ZoomRoom ~ The Garden Gnome CO
@ LIVE: APRIL: Rogue Rive, OR @ Siskiyou Decorative Artists (April 22-23)

- Registration begins Sunday, January 8th, 2023 @ 8:00am Pacific. Check out the classes @ WWW.PACIFICDPEXPO.COM
@ LIVE: JUNE: @ Myrtle Creek - Summer Seminar (June 23-24-25, 2023 - save the date!)

2022...Big thank you to all who painted with me in 2022, xoxo
@ LIVE: FEB @ NEVADA Creative Painting Convention (Thank you for subbing Lisbeth!)
LIVE: JUNE @ Myrtle Creek - Summer Seminar (Weekend of June 24-26) Thank You ALL!
@ ~ ZOOM ~ JULY 16TH, Raindrop Chapter, Portland (Christmas in July!) Thanks girls!

@ LIVE: July 23rd @ Siskiyou Decorative Artists ~ S.Oregon (Thanks girls!)
@ LIVE: AUGUST @TEXAS, Sherman ~ Wildflowers of Texarcoma (Thanks girls!)
LIVE: SEPTEMBER @ California: September to Remember! @ JoSonja's! (Thanks all!)
LIVE: OCTOBER @ IDAHO, Boise - Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists
@ ~
ZOOM ~ Decorative Painter's Academy ~ Naughty or Nice? Ornaments

@ ~ ZOOM ~ October W/Alessio Meggiato, Out of the Wood, Venice, IT 4
@ December ~ Merry Christmas!
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