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Seminars w/Jamie - LIVE/ZOOM

LIVE & ZOOM Seminars / Conventions ||| Schedule

NOTICE: I am going to be "grounding myself" (not flying out) as of May 1st, 2022.
As most of you know, Mr. Don has retired and so to further ease up on my schedule, I am going to discontinue flying out to locations, until further notice (Mr. Don prefers this too). We will still drive to a few locations to teach and, no worries, I will continue to do my ZOOM seminars and of course our Summer Seminars (here in Oregon).

Happy painting...xo, Jamie |||

@ LIVE: NEVADA: Las Vegas, February (Convention cancelled)
ZOOM: CALIFORNIA, San Diego Brush Whackers Chapter: March 20-21, 2021 Thank you all!

@ ZOOM: OHIO, HOOT Chapter Seminar: April 24-25, 2021 Thank you all!
@ LIVE: OREGON: Myrtle Creek - Summer Seminar (Moved forward to weekend of June 25, 2022)
@ LIVE: CALIFORNIA: Eureka: September To Remember (September 8th-13th) - Postponed due to COVID (will have in March '22 (visit for the details!)
ZOOM: MA, Marlborough - Yankee Heritage Tole Chapter: September 18th (THANK YOU all!)
@ ZOOM: Alessio, Italy: October 3rd - Frosty Candle Company (Thank you all for painting with me!)
ZOOM: BTV Zoom Room: October 7th - Frosty Candle Company (Thank you all for painting with me!)
ZOOM: BTV Zoom Room: November 11th - Frosty Candle Company
Decorative Painter's Academy: November 17th - Peppermint Santas (First Class) (See info below)
ZOOM: Decorative Painter's Academy: December 9th Peppermint Santas (Second Class) (See info below)
@ December ~ Merry Christmas!
@ LIVE: FEB: NEVADA, Las Vegas, February ~ Creative Painting Convention
LIVE: MARCH: Cali, Eureka - MARCH Madness (was September to Remember!) @ JoSonja's!
@ LIVE: APRIL: TEXAS, Sherman ~ Wildflowers of Texarcoma (April 8-9)
LIVE: APRIL: IDAHO, Boise - Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists, (April 22-24)
@ LIVE: JUNE: Myrtle Creek - Summer Seminar (Weekend of June 24-26)
ZOOM: JULY, Raindrop Chapter, Portland (Christmas in July!)4

@ December ~ Merry Christmas!

@ LIVE: APRIL: OREGON @ Siskiyou Decorative Artists (April 22-23)
LIVE: JUNE: Myrtle Creek - Summer Seminar (June)

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LIVE: September to Remember 2021
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To sign up: ~or~ call toll free at (888) 567-6652

We hope you can join us in Eureka in is such a special location, very painter-friendly! The hotel is right beside Jo Sonja's beautiful, charming, inspirational (indescribable actually!) studio/museum. It is like a painter's mecca....truly heavenly!
Instructors:Jo Sonja Jansen, Maxine Thomas, Bobbie Takashima, Heidi England and Jamie Mills Price.
Class Fee: $600
Class Fee Includes: All painting surfaces, patterns, instructions, paints and mediums used during instruction.
Class Dates: Sept. 8-13th, 2021 - Teachers will each be teaching one day.
There will be a day off in the middle to prep for the next 2 day session and/or finish up the projects from the first 3 days. We will be holding this special class at the Red Lion Hotel in Eureka which is adjacent to the Jo Sonja studio.

We are all excited to paint together and invite you to come join us for this fun and special week in Eureka!
For further info, email or call toll free: (888) 567-6652
Happy painting! xo, Jamie

LIVE: Las Vegas Convention
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Join Jamie in Vegas to paint this fun dimensional panel "Pumpkin Pie & Hayrides!" ~ a unique pumpkin shaped (double-paneled) plaque. Shown here is the special pin for the class! Fun! (Plus, Jamie has twisted the arm of Mr. Don to cut the Pumpkin pin as an ornament for each student!) Sponsored by DecoArt and Pinecraft Inc ~ hope to see you there...going to be fun! :)

♥ BTV ZOOM Classes
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@ Between the Vines Zoom Room
ZOOM: March 9th, 2021: Tuesday, 11-3pm: BUNNY, the Rabbit! (Thank you all who attended!)
ZOOM: Seasonal Gnome Club Offerings: 9 sessions in 2021; painting the club panels.

ZOOM: October 3rd: via Alessio Meggiato, Italy: @ BTV ZoomRoom - The Frosty Candle Co.
ZOOM: October 7th: via @ BTV ZoomRoom- The Frosty Candle Co.

ZOOM: November 11th: @ BTV Zoom Room: The Frosty Candle CO.
@ Decorative Painter's Academy
ZOOM: May 26th: Hello Summer! Gnomes & Boots ~ 2 classes in May
ZOOM: November 17th: Peppermint Swirl Santa's (first session)
ZOOM: Peppermint Swirl Santa's (second session, TBA)