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Meet Jamie
My painting journey began around 30 years ago...
hen not long after losing my husband...and with my oldest son @ about 6 1/2 years old and expecting my youngest, a dear family friend (Flo) talked me into taking a "tole" painting class, to help take my mind off my sorrows. It worked! I fell in love with painting...and it wasn't long before I was painting anything that stood still!

My love of painting soon led to teaching...and from teaching to publishing my original designs as decorative art instruction books, magazine articles and pattern packets; which you can find on this website, or at your favorite art-craft store. I am fortunate (blessed!) to travel the world now, teaching my designs and techniques to others who are also passionate about painting. It has enabled me to meet some fascinating people who have opened up their homes and their hearts, and who have also shared with me a little of the culture and at times, the scenic beauty of their country.

Designs / Publishing:
To date, I have had 20 books published, 10 volumes in the Between the Vines series; 8 in the Christmastime Between the Vines series; 2 in the series "Seasons in Time". My largest book, "Painting Heartwarming Holidays", was published by North Light Books / F&W Publications, and released in March '06.

I have several combined-author books, including several published by the National Museum of Decorative Painting: "100 Angels"; "The Book of Handpainted Quilts" and "Ornament Extravaganza". Other combined artists books I have had published include: Heartfelt Seasons and A Festive Collection (Eas'l and Viking Publications). I have been a regular contributor to painting magazines through the years and have published numerous individual designs, which you can find as pattern packets on this site.

In 2005, I took on the role as publisher/distributor of my own books. Between the Vines 8 was my first endeavor into complete self-publishing and distributing. Publishing is a challenging, yet satisfying experience, and I look forward to publishing more volumes in the future. I've produced 4 DVD's showcasing the techniques that I use when painting my designs; they can befound here on the site. On YouTube (@BetweenTheVines), you can find small instructional video snippets of my techniques.

Family & Friends...
Being widowed at a young age was a trial, but I was blessed with two beautiful children....and I am engaged to a fellow in this industry, Don of Valhalla Laser, who has been so supportive and dear. In order for me to allow more time to design, I hired my longtime friend, Flo, to help out in the office, filling the orders, etc. but shehas since retired from The work full time on her photography: Fotos by wishes my dear friend, enjoy your journey!

Instagram: @BetweenTheVines
Facebook: @ Jamie Mills-Price and @ Between The Vines
YouTube: @BetweenTheVines

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