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Jamie's Bouquet of Brushes

Jamie's Favorites {Set of Brushes}

Part Number: FAVBR-20
Price: $52.00
Status: Available
Weight: 0 lb, 6 oz
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Jamie's Favs!
Set of Jo Sonja Sure Touch Brushes

Jo Sonja Sure Touch Brushes are perfect for Jamie's techniques...she has chosen a select few and put them in a set for you to use when painting her designs! We have given you a special pricing on it!

The 9 brush set includes: 3/4 Oval Wash; 1/2 Square Wash; 8 flat; 10 Oval Dry Brush*, 6 Oval Dry Brush*; 6 Filbert; 3 Round, 1 Round; 18/0 Script Liner.

*The 8 Oval Dry Brush (ODB) is the brush she initially called for, but they are not available right now and they are not sure when they will get another shipment (overseas). So she has substituted it for another fav, the #10 size. But, then thinking about this, she feels you still will need a smaller size dry-brush, so she added the #6 Oval Dry Brush. For this reason, the pricing of the brushes has gone up, but we still have the discounted pricing. Thank you!

Retail: $68.20
Set Special Price: $52.00
(Wholesale pricing not available on these sets)

*These are not the only brushes she uses in the JS Line, but they are the ones she calls for frequently...and she hopes you will find this helpful!
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