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Bunny the Rabbit Video Showcase

Bunny the Rabbit Video Showcase


Bunny the Rabbit

BUNNY the Rabbit! ePacket & Video

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(BTV Zoom Class Recording with 23 page ePacket)
BUNNY, the Rabbit

PROJECT: Create a unique, sweeter-than-sugar, design on a 2-Layer Dimensional Panel! A wee bunny rabbit, tucked inside a warm and cozy sampler quilt that is shaped like a big carrot! The added dimension of a back panel (which is painted in the colors of a carrot!), include 1/4" spacers between them. The carrot backdrop has an interesting texture technique that will be covered in this class! We cover floating color, tinting galore, some line-work, stenciling, scrubbing (dry-brushing) and a bit of floral fun tucked in here and there, just for good measure!

VIDEO RECORDING: The Zoom class was recorded and it is now available, on a Between the Vines VIMEO Showcase. There are 7 Chapters to this project, made available in bite-size chunks (so that you don't have to fast forward through one video).

The surface is available through (US) and (in Europe).

Hoppy Painting!


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