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Gnomes @ Home Halloween Design (bonus!)

Gnomes @ Home Halloween Design (bonus!)

Gnomes @ Home SUMMER Design

Gnomes @ Home SPRING Design

Gnomes @ Home WINTER Design

Gnomes @ Home CLUB

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Gnomes at Home Club

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Our live Zoom availability is now full; recorded version is now available.
Now we are offering the club the recorded version of the ZOOM class; everything else will remain the same, after our Zoom class is done, we will have it available on our VIMEO location - and you can watch the recorded footage - over and over as you need - everything else will remain the same.

BTV Seasonal Club 2021 exclusive for one year

Gnomes @ Home Club!

~Each seasonal "gnome home" will always have an arched/peaked roof (to accommodate those tall conical hats...) and the door will always be larger and rounded (haha, to accommodate the wider girth of our gnomies, of course).😉😉

♥ We will ship 2 seasons (Winter & Spring) in the initial box mail-out and two (Summer & Fall) in mid-year mail out. (Subject to change!) Then throughout the year, we will ship you the seasonal kits ~ which will include a vellum drawing of the design, a full color pic of the design, (a PDF file will be sent also with instructions, step by steps, close-ups, etc); any stencils and embellishments included.
*The seasonal gnome surface consists of the top gnome panel, the middle frame panel and the back panel - 3 layers - and when assembled, each will measure approx 9 x 12". All 4 seasons are painted on the same panels;so the continuity will carry through to each season.
*We will include an option for your gnome to stand alone too - if you just want her to perch him on a windowsill; the first one is included in your initial shipment, the rest will be up to you if you want to purchase.

This BTV Seasonal Club includes quarterly, online
ZOOM lessons from Jamie (most likely split in two sessions, one for the gnome panel and the other two layers in another class). A base-coat video will be uploaded to our Facebook group to help guide your prep. You will learn a variety of Jamie’s techniques plus additional tips/tricks to embellish and accent your Gnome Panels! If you are a member of the club, you will have access to these files, throughout the year. After the years club is done, we will start anew with a fresh Seasonal Club offering - and the 2021 Gnome Club will go public.

♥ You will need to collect your palette colors, the suggested brushes and regular painting supplies.
When using iPads, phones, etc, to view or participate in the class, make sure your device is fully charged; muted as needed.

Note: As the LIVE class is full, the Zoom recorded class will be offered; you will be able to watch it on our VIMEO page - which we will send you the link and password for access - (we will record the live class and they will be available for you to watch at your leisure, in the privacy of your home for an extra year, after the Club has ended).
- You can set your own pace to paint it and if you have questions, post them in our group and either Jamie or another member will be able to help.
- We have secured a dedicated (private) “Gnomes @ Home Club” in Facebook Groups - where we will share and can discuss our gnomes together (we are thus, the Gnomes @ Home! Right?).
Membership: $250.00USD* (@ $62.50 USD per season, x4 ~ shipping is included, US only).
*If purchased after the premiere launch, after the Club has started, you will be mailed all the club offerings, to get you up to date, and you will have access to our private group for this special club.
INTERNATIONAL Membership: $140.00USD Intl Digital (@ $35.00 per season, x4)
Premier Members: Be among the first to sign up, during our 10-day launch (Nov. 25th through December 4th) and you will receive an ornament & pin shapes of the seasonal gnomes included in your mail out. January / April / July / October: We will be shipping out in January, don’t get caught saying: If only I’d gnown (known)!
Mr. Don asks that you double and triple check your
SHIPPING ADDRESS so that he does not have to chase down errant gnomies (lol).
♥ If the club is purchased after the Premiere launch, and/or after the club has started, you will be mailed all the club offerings ~ to get you up to date, and you will have access to our private group and video recordings (prep, tips, etc) for this special club.


The enrollment in to the club is non-refundable, or transferable. All sales final. No other sales or promotions can be combined/used with this offering; gift certificates can be applicable.
Materials may be used (solely) by the enrolled student, no sharing or teaching of these designs/classes (no outside sharing with groups or chapters). When we put this forward for the retail public after the Club ends, then permission will be granted to teach.
On our private
Gnome Facebook Page, you can post photos of your Gnomes to share with everyone! Please, No Facebook Watch parties are allowed, nor sharing this with others that are not in our Club; so that we retain exclusivity. Thank you!
The club details are for shipping in the US only. Shipping to Canada would be more; the cost will need to be calculated at the time.


Extra Surface Kits: We will be putting up a private page for our club members to order extras, it is only available to our club members until it goes public; after that all cutting will be done by Doug @ Pinecraft. carries most all of Jamie’s DecoArt palette, just FYI, so if you need paint and/or mediums Doug should have them.
- Again, note that he will be the supplier of all of these club surfaces when it goes public. Alessio @ Out of the Wood will have permission to cut, sell and ship in Europe.


(PLEASE NOTE that if you place your order for the club - along with other products - we will put them all inside the box shipment. If you need something in a timely manner, please place a separate order. Thank you!)

FACEBOOK NOTE: We have tried adding a lot of the gnome group members, however, for some reason -if you haven't received the invitation- can you please email us and tell us what name you are listed under (if you want to join) - if not, no worries, it is not mandatory or anything! Check back here now and then for updates!

EUROPEAN MEMBERS: Alessio Meggiato, from "Out of the Wood" in Venice, Italy will be cutting the Club products for shipment to the club members around Europe. We will be contacting you when he is ready for shipping. Thx Alessio!


Your ZOOM link will be sent out the Thursday or Friday before the class, with a reminder sent the night prior.

ZOOM Class Dates/Times: (PST = Pacific Standard Time)

~ Winter Gnome: January 16th & 17th;11-3PST (8 hours total)
~ Spring Gnome: April 11th & 18th; 10-2 PST (8 hours total)
~ Summer Gnome: July 18th & July 25th 10-2 PST
~ Fall Gnome: October 16th & 17th; 10-2 PST
~ ~ EXTRA CLASS: Halloween Gnome: Sunday, September 19th,
9am to 3pm (6 HOUR session!)

To Gnome us is to love us! 😉
xo, Jamie (Mama Gnome) & Don (Papa Gnome)
& all the little Gnomies here at the Vine!

Gnomes just wanna have fun!

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