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Paint the Seasons!

Paint the Seasons!

Paint the Seasons...

Paint the Seasons Surfaces

Paint the Seasons! Zoom Class

Part Number: SEAZM-24
Price: $50.00
Status: Available

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Paint the Seasons!
| ZOOM Class* (recorded) | Prep-Steps & Tech Session (recorded) | Follow-Up Zoom Session (recorded)

Walk through the seasons with Jamie, as we paint a special design incorporating the four seasons, fun! Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall...and we added a few holidays in, just for good measure!

ZOOM Class: Sunday, January 14th @ 9:00 - 3:00 PST
--Prep-Steps & Tech Session on Zoom: Thursday, January 11th @ 10:00am - 12:00pm PST
--Follow-Up Session on ZOOM: Thursday, January 25th @ 10:00am - 12:00pm PST
*Alessio's Session is November 12th ~ go to to sign up or get more info!

Jamie's Paint the Seasons! ZOOM Class has a couple new features, whereas we will have our standard Zoom Class, (6 hours, recorded and available to re-watch for 6 months)...but we will incorporate a couple new features! A preparation session, "Prep Steps & Tech", and "Follow-Up" - a special Zoom discussion Q & A, Jamie will go over techniques, and answer any questions you may have regarding the design so you can have it ready to display. :)

Alessio is hosting a Zoom session in Italy, with Maria Laura for translation ~ on November 12th. Go to sign up or get more info!

ePacket | eBook: Includes an extra-large downloadable PDF*, the link will be emailed to you after you sign up.
*Includes extra color, close-ups, worksheets and extra line drawings; plus step x step instructions (approx. 35 pages of content).
*We will have a basic hard-copy packet up soon, if you feel you would prefer to have that.

Video Recordings: The Zoom Class, Prep-Steps, and Follow-Up will all be recorded and be available afterward on the "Paint the Seasons" VIMEO Showcase, where you can watch, re-watch all of the videos for the design (for 6 months).

Surface: This can be painted on the surface of your choice, it was originally painted on an 11" plate, the newest design is painted on a panel - 21.5" x 7"
(approx.). This surface (Heart Board #103036) is available through and also, available in Europe through
We have created a couple alternate (etched) surface options, a 2-layer panel, interesting shape (see photo above); you can get it etched, and if you end up not preferring the etching simply flip the panel and paint on the reverse. It is a dimensional 2-layer panel, with spacers between, and hanging holes. You get the line drawings for all the surface options (the heart board, the 2-layer plaque, the 11" round plate) in your packet.
The ornaments and pins shown above are what we have selected, (we hope you like!).

*Alessio has permission to cut and sell this design and its companion ornaments, to students and is available on his site:

EXTRAS! We will have coordinating ornaments and surfaces, that all tie together with the design! Keep a lookout for these, we are working on the prototypes. The first 10 sign-ups will get a free collection of the ornaments! WINNERS: Jeri Cook | Donna Capps | Sheree Geil | Janet Simpson | Nancy Houck | M Jane Smith | Patti Johns | Sharon Gard | Lynda Gaddy | Mary Elms ~ Congratulations and thanks again for signing up to paint with me!

~ Happy painting! ♥ Jamie & Don
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