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BTV Travel Seminars
Travel Teaching Schedule
Seminars Conventions

@ Las Vegas, NV: Creative Painting Convention February 25th
@ Chicago: Seminar with Illinois Prairie Painters - April 5 - 6
@ Long Island, NY: Seminar - May 17-19th (contact: Denise Polchinski)
@ Myrtle Creek, OR: Summer Seminars - June 21-22-23
@ Eureka, CA September 8-13th Special seminar with Jo Sonja, Maxine, Bobbie T. & Jamie!
@ Genesee, NY: Chapter Seminar - Genesee Country Decorative Painters, September 28-29

@ Bologna, Italy: Seminar November 16-19, 2019 *Contact: Erika Corazza @
@ Hawaii (vacation!) December


@ Nevada: Las Vegas Creative Painting Convention: February 16-22nd - Special Event & Booth
@ California: San Diego Brush Whackers Chapter: Weekend of March 20th
@ Texas: Wildflowers of Texacoma: Weekend of April 18th
@ Ohio: HOOT Chapter Seminar: Weekend of April 25th
@ Oregon: Myrtle Creek Summer Seminar Weekend of June 26
@ (TBD OKC, Painting Palooza! TBD)


xo, Jamie
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A September to Remember...
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(Something new!)

We’re doing a new FUN event this year in Eureka. September 3 – 8 will be a September to Remember. Jamie Mills Price, Maxine Thomas, Bobbie Takashima and Jo Sonja will all be teaching one day. There will be a day off in the middle to prep for the next two day session and/or finish up the projects from the first two days.

We will be holding this special class at the Red Lion Hotel in Eureka which is adjacent to our studio. The Red Lion Hotel offers complimentary shuttle service to/from the airport. Air service is available direct by United Airlines through Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver.

The first day – Sept 3 – will be a prep day and time to settle in for the week. The first two days will be classes with Jamie and Maxine. Sept 6 is a day off to prep for the next classes, finish up projects or shop and enjoy the area. Sept 7 & 8 will be classes with Bobbie Takashima and Jo Sonja.

We all excited to paint together and invite you to come join us for this fun and special week in Eureka!

To sign up: ~or~ call toll free at (888) 567-6652