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BTV Travel Seminars
Travel Teaching Schedule
Seminars  ♥  Conventions

@ Las Vegas, NV: Creative Painting Convention February 25th
@ Chicago: Seminar with Illinois Prairie Painters - April 5 - 6 
@ Long Island, NY: Seminar - May 17-19th (contact: Denise Polchinski)
@ Myrtle Creek, OR: Summer Seminars - June 21-22-23
@ Eureka, CA September 8-13th Special seminar with Jo Sonja, Maxine, Bobbie T. & Jamie!
@ Genesee, NY: Chapter Seminar - Genesee Country Decorative Painters, September 28-29

@ Bologna, Italy: Seminar November 15-17, 2019 *Contact: Erika Corazza @
@ Hawaii (vacation!) December


@ Nevada: Las Vegas Creative Painting Convention: February 16-22nd - Special Event & Booth
@ California: San Diego Brush Whackers Chapter: Weekend of March 20th
@ Texas: Wildflowers of Texacoma: Weekend of April 18th
@ Ohio: HOOT Chapter Seminar: Weekend of April 25th
@ Oregon: Myrtle Creek Summer Seminar Weekend of June 26
@ California: Eureka, September To Remember: (The week of Labor Day)
@ (TBD OKC, Painting Palooza! TBD)

@ Nevada, Las Vegas: Creative Painting Convention (Feb dates TBA)
@ Massachusetts,
Marlborough: Yankee Heritage Tole Chapter March 19-20
@ Idaho, Boise: Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists,
(dates TBA)
@ Oregon, Myrtle Creek:
Summer Seminar, Weekend of June 25

 xo, Jamie
Contact @ 

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