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Seminars w/Jamie - LIVE/ZOOM

LIVE & ZOOM Seminars / Conventions ||| Schedule
NOTICE: I am going to be "grounding myself" (not flying out) as of May 1st, 2022.
As most of you know, Mr. Don has retired and has multiple medical issues, so to ease my schedule, I am going to discontinue flying out to locations, until further notice. ~ We "may" still drive to a few locations for me to teach, and I plan to continue to do ZOOM seminars. :)
Happy painting...xo, Jamie |||

@ LIVE: FEB @ NEVADA Creative Painting Convention (Thank you for subbing Lisbeth!)
LIVE: JUNE @ Myrtle Creek - Summer Seminar (Weekend of June 24-26) > Thank You ALL! <
@ ~ ZOOM ~ JULY 16TH, Raindrop Chapter, Portland (Christmas in July!)

@ LIVE: July 23rd @ Siskiyou Decorative Artists ~ S.Oregon
@ LIVE: AUGUST @TEXAS, Sherman ~ Wildflowers of Texarcoma
LIVE: SEPTEMBER @ California: Eureka - September to Remember! @ JoSonja's!
LIVE: OCTOBER @ IDAHO, Boise - Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists
@ ~ ZOOM ~ October W/Alessio Meggiato, Venice, IT (details TBA)4
@ December ~ Merry Christmas!

: (Special Event ~ details soon!)

@ LIVE: APRIL: OREGON @ Siskiyou Decorative Artists (April)
LIVE: JUNE: @ Myrtle Creek - Summer Seminar (June 23-24-25, 2023 - save the date!)
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LIVE: September to Remember 2022
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We hope you can join us in Eureka in August/September of is such a special location, very painter-friendly! The hotel is right beside Jo Sonja's beautiful, charming, inspirational (indescribable actually!) studio/museum.

Instructors:Jo Sonja Jansen, Maxine Thomas, Bobbie Takashima, Heidi England, Erika Joanne and Jamie Mills-Price.

Retreat Fee: $625
~ Fee Includes: All painting surfaces, patterns, instructions, paints and mediums used during a few extra special little touches!

Class Dates: Aug 28th to Sept 3rd ~ Teachers will each be teaching one day!

We will be holding this special class at the Red Lion Hotel in Eureka which is adjacent to the Jo Sonja studio.
We are all excited to paint together and invite you to come join us for this fun and special week in Eureka!

- For further info, email or call toll free: (888) 567-6652
Happy painting! xo, Jamie