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Spread a Little Sunshine!

Spread a Little Sunshine: ePackets & Recordings

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Recorded Video Collection & ePacket Options
Spread a Little Sunshine!
This selection makes available to you the ePacket Options and the Video Recordings from the Zoom Class; so if you missed the actual class, you may still purchase the recording.

DET EPACKETS (Chosen option will be emailed to you as soon as your payment is received.)
- Option 1: A link to download an XL ePacket file (with extra color, extra worksheets and bonus line drawings): $10.00USD
- Option 2: A basic ePacket emailed: $8.00USD

VIDEO RECORDINGS: (6 Videos, includes a Prep Video, to help you paint the design from start to finish. Approx 5 hours.)
- Option 1: $10 for the Month (Available to view 30 days from date of purchase)
- Option 2: $25 for 3 Months (Available to use for 90 days from date of purchase.)

Links to access these will be sent upon receipt of your payment.

- The surface shown is a large framed panel (approx. 18x9"); note that as an alternative to the larger design, it could be adapted onto a barrel stave shape (16x5").
(A line drawing is included for both the frame panel and the barrel stave.)

~(US): - Large Framed S2R Panel (available Etched or Un-etched)
OutOfTheWood.IT *Alessio Meggiato has permission to cut and sell this to class/students in Italy and Europe:

xoxo Jamie & Don

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