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Snow, Sweet Snow! (Digi Download)

Part Number: DD# 285
Price: $7.50
Status: Available
Weight: 0 lb, 3 oz

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Snow, Sweet Snow!
This sweet snowman is made dimensional with the use of Texture Glass! Another design for the banner framework; the topper says: Snow, Sweet Snow (but you cold personalize it to your desire).
*The framework allows you to hang up to 3 banners. ..and you can paint each side of the banner, so up to 6 designs can be on this frame.
*The toppers/banners will all be interchangeable - and most of them will be reversible, so you can paint different designson both sides! Kim Hogue has 2 designs for this surface also, check out: to see her panels (they are wonderful!).
*The framework, banners, toppers and all embellishments (and any add-ons!) will be available soon on ~ we sold out of them at National, so he needs some time to replenish stock.

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