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Thankful Harvest Angel

Thankful Harvest Angel

(Angel with Blue Frame)


Thankful HARVEST Angel - Pattern Packet

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Thankful Harvest ANGEL ~ Pattern Packet
Copyright 2019-2022 Jamie Mills-Price

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Have fun painting this sweet "Thankful Harvest" Angel; she is painted on a background made to look like it is rusted (would be effective in black, or even as an outdoor scene with blue sky, and green or gold ground area).

This angel's hair was styled after a round bail of hay and she has wheat stalks for her wings! :) Her bountiful harvest basket would be lovely painted as a stand alone design. She will welcome guests to your home this fall with a soft can paint the frame the color of your choice too, (black is always sharp and or stain it to the wood tone you prefer).

This large packet includes a full size color enlargement and worksheet; 8 pages of instruction and 2 line drawings (3 color pages).

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Happy Painting! xo, Jamie
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Copyright 1999-2022 Jamie Mills-Price / All Rights Reserved

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