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Snowy Blessings Angel

Snowy Blessings Angel

Snowy Blessings Angel


Snowy Blessings Angel!

Part Number: PP #ANG-04
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Weight: 0 lb, 3 oz
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Keep Calm and Angel On...
Snowy Blessings Angel ~ Pattern Packet

This dear angel is adorned with two little snow angels (kind and sweet) on her skirt...and her little hand muff and her wings sparkle like freshly fallen snow!
The packet includes a full color cover, 2 - 8.5 x 11 color pages inside the packet; one is worksheets for the face and skirt, the other is a variety of enlargements and the back panel pic.

NOTE: The surface is available through Valhalla Laser (the surface includes the "Pencil Stencil" - a face guideline designed especially for each angel!). Surface includes a two-layer panel, with separators, wings and the pencil stencil (and any Jamie's stencils).

Happy painting...

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